Project Hello Asia is here to talk inspiration and to give voice to a generation. Both in Asia and Europe. To achieve that, we organise additional programs surrounding the performance and documentary. We love to stop by and have viewings, Q&A’s, workshops, inspirational breakfasts, lunch meetings, you name it. Just get in touch with us.

New Heroes

New Heroes is an international movement of artists that create multi-disciplined art projects and urban actions with an aim is to connect, create and encounter. (Read more about New Heroes on this website.) With project Hello Asia we wish to do exactly that: connect, create together and encounter our neighbouring generation.

Conversation starter

We see, both our performance and the documentary as a conversation starter. Conversations of any kind, with all sorts of people, about the many topics covered in the project. Robotics, art, love and sex, global dynamics, stress, generational issues, technology and education, progression and tradition. Almost everything between life and death. We love to come over for viewings, Q&A’s, workshops, inspirational breakfasts, lunch meetings, etcetera. Just get in touch with us.

If you are interested to invite us please get in touch with Machteld, via


Previous Hello Asia meet-ups

13 June 2018 / Impact Hub Taipei (Taipei)
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18 April 2018 / Change-Makers Network (Hong Kong)
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12 April 2018 / Underdogs Seoul (South Korea)
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