This documentary series reveals an exciting Asian generation that has found its voice and is ready to use it. It’s told in a loose and humoristic documentary/road-movie style by presenters Lucas De Man (BE/NL) and Hyunsin Kim (DE/KOR).

Together, they take us on a journey to six cities in East Asia, where they meet 100+ millennials who share their stories on camera. They speak with students and professors, robotics engineers and street artists, experts in AI and expert in love and intimacy. They interview young educators, politicians, environmentalists, men, women, married, single, gay, straight—you name it.

In three episodes, Lucas and Hyunsin introduce us to this generation and show us how they’re dealing with the biggest issues they face.

What the two of them find is an inspiring cohort dealing with surprisingly similar societal issues and personal questions. Even more so than their European counterparts, Asian millennials are (re)making their way in a world built on outdated systems, institutions, and ideas. Yet Asia’s societies also seem to offer the potential for the lightning-fast change the European generation can only dream of…



1. Inside the pressure cooker. Life as a student or young professional can feel stressful. So how can we stay sane in a world that demands so much from us? Can we change the system?

2. Love and intimacy. How hard can it be to find the one, to find someone to love? Judging by the amount of single millennials all over Asia–pretty hard actually. An episode about the search for love and intimacy.

3. The new Human. The robots have arrived. How will they change, or even replace, humanity? What will our future look like? DNA modification might make it possible to live to a healthy 150 years – but do we even want to?


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