We are currently working on a documentary that we shot while traveling in East Asia. In our documentary, we explore how this generation of innovative, creative-minded individuals views the challenges that millennials face.

Issues that we will touch upon in the documentary include:

  1. Inside the pressure cooker. Life as a student or young professional can feel stressful. How do we stay sane in a world that demands so much from us? Can we change the system?
  2. Human connections. Life in Asian megacities can feel lonely sometimes. How do we connect with each other? Can cellphones and robots replace human interaction and touch?
  3. Finding our voice. If you’ve got something to say, you might as well say it. How do we find the courage as a generation to speak out on things that matter to us?
  4. Love and sex. How hard can it be to find the one, someone to love? Quite difficult, judging by the amount of desperate singles. How do we look for love and intimacy?
  5. Making an impact. There’s loads of urgent global issues (environment, ageing populations, inequality) that seem way too big to tackle. But we just need creative young people that dare to come up with ideas. How do we make a difference?
  6. The new human. The robots have arrived. DNA modification makes it possible to live longer and healthier. What will our future look like? Do we all want to be 150 years old?

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