Hello Asia is a multi media art project portraying the upcoming generation of millenials in East Asia. It searches common ground and a new narrative shared by millennials in Eastern and Western parts of the world.

Six cities, six weeks

In project Hello Asia, Lucas De Man (Belgium/The Netherlands) and Hyunsin Kim (Germany/South Korea) take you on a fascinating journey to meet their peers in Asia. As cultural contexts of Europe and East Asia differ greatly Lucas and Hyunsin find out there’s lots to learn. Mostly millennials attempt to answer the same basic life question: How to be happy while making our society future ready?

Lucas and Hyunsin travelled, together with documentary director Joep van Osch, to 6 key East Asian cities in 6 weeks: Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei and Shenzhen. They met and spoke to over 100 millennials. Ranging from students to professors, corporate business owners to social entrepreneurs, experts in robotics and artificial intelligence to experts in love and sex. Educators, activists, sociologists, politicians, environmentalists, artists, men, women, married, single, gay, hetero, you name it.

What Lucas and Hyunsin found is an inspiring generation dealing with surprisingly similar societal issues and personal questions. A generation that is finding their voice and is ready to use it.

Multimedia art project

Multimedia art project Hello Asia takes on different forms. Right now a 6 episode (online) documentary series and a lecture performance tour by Lucas De Man are being developed. Both go by the name: Meet the Millenials. These different forms of storytelling enable us to connect to as many different audiences as possible, in both Europe and East Asia. We love to meet you! Not only in theaters, but also at festivals, universities, conventions etc.